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Endless Magnet Set - Funny Words! [Starter Set]

Image of Endless Magnet Set - Funny Words! [Starter Set]

$15.00 - On Sale

This is a UNIQUE set of over 60 magnets printed with silly sounding words. Think "magnetic poetry" without any of the lame words like "the" "and" "I" "You" etc. Each set is handmade, & you will not find something similar anywhere else!

Perfect for any occasion, including: Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Congratulations, weddings (pretty cheap for a wedding though), & St. Patrick's Day.

The starter set includes such favorites as: "Throttle" "Milk" "Thug" "Wombat" "Froth" & Many, Many More.

Included in each set is a number of blank magnets so that you can make up your own fun words! (We will be offering yearly expansion packs, or more often depending on demand). Each set also includes a sturdy, clear vinyl box that can be used to hold the set when not in use, as seen in the product photo.

NOTE: Price includes shipping!